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"cos cheum nach gabh tilleadh"
- no retreating footsteps

O'Faelan Farms

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The best bred, best tasting, beef on the Island!

2 year old purebred bulls, raised on hay and pasture, built to last out of top quality A.I. and pasture bulls.

Black Angus
OFI 13B, sired by our MVF 96R, still producing great calves after 9 years on the farm, out of Mountainview Farms in Manitoba. $3500, Registration #: 1775099, Colour: Black, Sex: Male, Tattoo: OFI 13B, Birth Date: 23/01/2014, Calving Year: 2014, Status: Active, Registration Status: Registered, Certificate Electronically Stored: Yes, Sire: MVF TRAVELER 96R, Dam: LLB LAVENDER LADY 430R, Breeder: O'Faelan Farms Inc., Current Owner: O'Faelan Farms Inc.

CO 40w, Earley Grid 40w. - purebred black angus - one of our current herdbulls and someone we are reluctant to part with. Has been fathering strong, solid calves for us for the past five years, still doing a great job. Good set of feet, solid frame, strong EPD's. Selling as he has some many daughters here it is getting hard to separate them all....suitable for mature cows only  $3300.

OFI 11B, Red Gelbvieh, out of herdsire Mr Wize Guy, with a great set of feet and solidly built. $3350.

Irish Black
3A - this fellow was imported from Ohio with his mom as a newborn two years ago. We are one of only two herds in Canada with Irish Blacks, and this will be one of only five or six Irish Bulls available in Canada this year, and the only one east of Alberta. Explosive growth mixed with predictable genetics and great carcass are what sets Irish Blacks apart. The ideal bull for the commercial cattlemen. Guaranteed to cover 40-50 cattle every breeding season. Cut your bull requirements in half, and have everyone calve at the same time. $4500.

Bred Heifers
Black and Red Angus purebreds, Purebred Gelbviehs, and Crossbreds. Exposed to Peak Dot Pioneer (PDAR 576B) from June 3-18 and Cudlobe New Design (UF 14C) from July 28-Sept 15. All will be vaccinated and pregnancy checked prior to sale. Call for prices

Bred Cows
Purebred Black and Red Angus, Gelbvieh, Irish Black, and Crossbreds, all 2-5 years old, exposed to our herdbulls. Due Jan-Feb or in May. All will be vaccinated and pregnancy checked prior to sale. Call for prices

Feeder Calves
A selection of feeder calves available this fall. Black and red angus, gelbvieh, irish black, and crossbreds. All triple vaccinated, castrated, and weaned 45 days prior to sale. At current market prices. Call for prices.

Angus in Action Sale
  This occurs each and every fall,
  and we typically put cattle in it.

Group of 40 Feeder Cattle,
         500 - 800 lbs
  at current market price. 

  Due Spring / Summer -

top quality purebred black angus

            and gelbvieh cattle,

                2 - 5 years old

call for details902-393-0437