"cos cheum nach gabh tilleadh"
- no retreating footsteps

Call us at: +1.902-651-2006  or email us at info@ofaelanfarms.ca ... Ron or Tracey will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

The best bred, best tasting, beef on the Island!

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Providing top-bred Angus cattle isn't just what we do -- it's what we love!


O'Faelan Farms has served Islanders and others over many years. Our main focus is to educate breeders, owners, and others, and to provide the best solution to your current needs.


Our experienced people offer a wide variety of care, but our services don't stop there. At O'Faelan Farms, we not only provide the best bred cattle, but also offer other various services. We know you care about your animal's well-being and we promise that you can trust they're happy and healthy in our hands.

Come and meet us - Ron, Tracey, Sean, Hannah, Ciara and Eireann

Ron & Tracey are very passionate in the care, breeding & raising of their Prime Angus.

These people are miracle workers. I have nothing but high praise and admiration in the way they care for their herd.

Bill Kays

Beef Lover

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